Privacy and Security Notice

NAPMA does not employ invasive Internet technology to collect personal information such as names, phone numbers or e-mail addresses without the user’s explicit consent. Personal information is normally sollicited to respond to queries or provide the services being accessed. When submitted online, personal information will be stored electronically; its confidentiality maintained to the same extent as information obtained through other means; and will not be disclosed outside the Agency.


Automated Collection of Information

NAPMA may collect information and statistics to assist with the following activities. None of the collected information is used to identify users and it is scheduled for regular destruction.

  • Website Security – network traffic may be monitored to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, or otherwise cause damage.
  • Website Management – Information can be collected for improving website performance or diagnosing technical problems.
  • Website Usage - NAPMA may use session cookies ; i.e. tokens that remain active only until the browser is closed, to gather information to assess website usage. NAPMA does not use persistent cookies; i.e. tokens that remain after the browser is closed.


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